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Learn the basic concepts of Power BI in this unique training course, aimed specifically at accountants. Understand how to work with dates to produce monthly and year-to-date reporting. This course is for accountants who are accomplished users of Excel for reporting but have limited or no prior exposure to Power BI.

Custom training available to meet your own specific objectives.

Two days course
Limited spots
Online Training

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, this course is now available online.

By focusing on the typical needs of an accountant for financial analysis, we can cut to some of the essential tips, tricks and techniques that will get you productive right away.

Connect, Share, Learn

In this two-days hands-on introduction to Power BI, you will build an interactive Profit & Loss report using typical “raw” SME accounting data.  Through doing this, you will learn about:

DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) functions that are introduced will include:
Filter Functions
Logical Functions
Math & Trig Functions
Statistical Functions
Text Functions
Other Functions
Date & Time Functions
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Hugh Johnson

Hugh is one of the founders of Accounting Insights and he has been working full-time with Power BI since before its launch.

Hugh’s focus has been exclusively on building Power BI reports from accounting data; profit & loss, balance sheet, sales, receivables, liquidity, actual vs budget variance and stock reporting.  In this time, he has learned many techniques to achieve great financial reports and believes that the best person to build your financial reports is someone with accounting knowledge rather than a specialist data scientist.  It is easier to train an accountant in Power BI than to train a data scientist in accounting.