Power BI Training

for accountants

Online instructor-led Power BI training

Master Power BI for Amazing Financial Reports

  • Designed for Accountants/Finance professionals

  • Aimed at individuals with some proficiency in Power BI

  • An opportunity to acquire the building blocks for great financial reporting

  • Intermediate-level, instructor-led training

  • Conducted in small groups, limited to a maximum of 8 students, providing you the chance to raise specific questions and learn from others in the cohort.

  • Learn how to create interactive financial reports like this.
5 x 1/2-day course
Limited spots
Online Training

18th March 2024 – Using Power BI Desktop to create financial reports

Explore the complexities of financial reporting, mastering the art of structuring your data model efficiently, managing fiscal periods with precision, seamlessly integrating budgeting and forecasting, and creating tailored presentations of your financial statements.

Connect and learn

In this intimate, 5 x half-day hands-on introduction to Power BI, you will learn about:

The course comprises five half-day modules
Evaluation context
The Financial Statement
Layout customisation
Data Model
Power BI Training for accountants 1

Hugh Johnson

Hugh is one of the founders of Accounting Insights and he has been working full-time with Power BI since before its launch.

Hugh’s focus has been exclusively on building Power BI reports from accounting data; profit & loss, balance sheet, cash flow, sales, receivables, liquidity, actual vs budget variance and stock reporting.  In this time, he has learned/developed many techniques to achieve great financial reports and believes that the best person to build your financial reports is someone with accounting knowledge rather than a specialist data scientist.  It is easier to train an accountant in Power BI than to train a data scientist in accounting.

“Creating great financial reports in Power BI is straightforward, but not obvious!”

Power BI training for the specific challenges of financial reporting

In our Power BI training courses you can learn how to handle some of the particular nuances around financial reporting in Power BI.

  • How to handle different fiscal year ends
  • Handling a 52-53 week, or 4-4-5 calendar
  • Simple “three-click” selection of date ranges (e.g. Year > Month > YTD)
  • Dynamic dates axis based on period selection
  • Income Statement as a % of Sales
  • Incorporating budgets, forecasts and other comparison scenarios
  • Handing multi-level budgets
  • Multiple charts of accounts and user-focused presentation of financial statements
  • Formatting negative numbers
  • Displaying expenses and liabilities as positive values
  • Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow layouts
  • Including irregular subtotals in your financial statements
  • Mixing aggregations and percentages or ratios in your financial statement rows
  • “7 + 5” type reporting for YTD actual with remainder as budget / forecast
  • Dynamic “project-based” date ranges
  • Including date ranges that span year-end transitions

Income Statement example

Get the Power BI training that will give you the foundations to tackle this example income statement.

  • This template is provided as part of the training, along with the sample data shown
  • Try out this report here
  • For your own bespoke Power BI training or coaching, contact us
Power BI training for Income Statements
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