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Sage 50 Power BI Connector - for great new insights every day

The Sage 50 Power BI Connector from Accounting Insights is a software connector that makes it easy to establish, maintain and automate a Sage 50 Power BI connection.

The Free version of the connector is suitable for Accounts Receivable reporting and a Full version for more general reporting.

Free Sage 50 Power BI Connector

The Free Sage 50 Power BI connector only returns Gross Amounts and as such is suitable for Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable reporting, but not for more general reports.

Full Sage 50 Power BI Connector
from £50 p.m. for a single company

The Full version of the Sage 50 Power BI connector is suitable for producing a comprehensive range of Sage 50 Accounts reports.  These include sales, stock, purchasing, profit & loss, balance sheet and cash flow reports.

Make your Sage 50 Power BI reports better.

Sage 50 Power BI


After an initial connection and data loading, the Sage 50 Power BI connector maintains an external SQLite 3 database of your Sage 50 Accounts data, asynchronously polling Sage 50 Accounts every hour to get any updates.

Power BI then connects to this database as the source of Sage 50 Accounts data.  The data maintained by the database are general master data like Nominal Records, Chart of Accounts, Customers, Suppliers and Stock; plus any transactions that are less than 25 months old or still have an outstanding balance.

The Sage 50 Power BI connector can (depending on your subscription level) connect to multiple Sage 50 Accounts companies.  It creates a separate database for each company.

In this way, the Sage 50 Power BI connector:

Will always support reporting based on the current and previous year without loading older transactions that will otherwise clog up and slow down your Sage 50 Power BI report.  

Enables Multi-company reporting, so that you can track, compare and consolidate all of your Sage 50 Accounts companies in the same Power BI Report. 

Can support automated, scheduled Power BI report refreshes.  If you have a Power BI Pro subscription, then you can use the free Power BI Gateway with the Sage 50 Power BI Connector to set up automated report refreshes up to eight times per day.

Also facilitates very quick and easy access to your Sage 50 accounts data from Excel (and other business intelligence solutions) in a much simpler way than using the traditional Excel ODBC connection to Sage 50 Accounts.

Sage 50 Power BI

Connector Tables

The Sage 50 Power BI connector uses an ODBC connection to extract data from 26 tables in Sage 50 Accounts.

These tables are sufficient to:

  • Recreate the full Chart of Accounts that you have set up in Sage 50 Accounts
  • Recreate a full Trial Balance for all of your Sage 50 Accounts nominal codes for any day in the last 24 months plus the current month.  This enables you to add things like your daily working capital balance to your reports so that you can see your liquidity trend.
  • Report sales activity on a rolling x-days basis.
  • Create stock and sales forecast reports.
  • Create very interactive Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports.
  • Produce compelling and actionable accounts receivable and accounts payable reports.
Sage 50 Power BI Connector

Report Templates

Using the Sage 50 Power BI Connector with our advanced Power BI Desktop templates you can accelerate your project to implement Sage 50 Power BI reporting in your organisation.  Templates are available for Profit and Loss (including Budget, Forecast and Variance), Balance Sheet and Accounts Receivable.

When you try out the Sage 50 Power BI connector, you will receive a sample Power BI Template report to help get you started and to help explore the data that is available.


The costs of Insights for Sage 50 Accounts are as follows:

  • Connector subscription – from £600/year per company (multi-company discounts apply)
  • One-time template fee – from £600


Customization Services
90 Per Hour
  • Bank of work hours
  • Post paid ad-hoc work
  • Fixed price, based on scope of work

Reports example pages

Power BI Profit and Loss Example
Example Profit & Loss Report page
Accounts Receivable Template Page 1
Example Receivables Report page