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“Insights for Xero is a reporting solution that enables you to produce engaging Xero reports for multiple companies in Microsoft Power BI. This Xero add-on solution is comprised of software connector and a suite of Power BI templates, enabling: 


Fully automated business intelligence reporting from Xero, using Microsoft Power BI. Multi-company reporting available. 


Deep drill-down from Xero dashboard to the transaction line item.


Access to the complete set of your Xero data going back over the last 25 months, so that you can create detailed Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Accounts Receivable and other reports.

A Fast Start

A fast start to your reporting project with pre-built Power BI Desktop templates for Xero Accounts, on several topics.

Make your Xero reporting better.

Accounting Insights

Xero connector

The Accounting Insights connector maintains a separate reporting database of your Xero data that you can add as a data source to your Power BI reports. The connector enables:

  • Automation of your Power BI reports from Xero. In the background, the connector extracts your data from Xero into an external database that Power BI can interrogate.  It allows you to schedule up to eight daily, automated report refreshes by the Power BI service, without you having to connect to Xero and extract your data.
  • 25 months of your Xero data on tap. Insights for Xero maintains a database of your last 25 months of Xero data that is always ready for your Power BI reports. You won’t experience long waits and timeouts when you refresh your Xero reports in Power BI. In this way, you will always be able to track your performance this YTD against the last YTD.
  • Multi-company reporting. So you want to build a dashboard for multiple Xero organisations?  No problem.  You can connect to all of your Xero organisations and pull their data into a single reporting model.
Power BI

Custom Xero reports

Using the Xero connector and our Power BI Desktop templates you can create your own custom reports very easily (or we can do this for you very efficiently).

When you try out the Sage 50 Power BI connector, you will receive a sample Power BI Template report to help get you started and to help explore the data that is available.
Power BI

Templates for Xero

Downloading your Xero data into a reporting tool like Power BI is just the first step on a journey to great Xero reports. The next steps are to transform your raw Xero data into a useful Power BI dataset and then turn this dataset into meaningful and accurate reports for your business.
  • They transform your Xero data into a reporting-ready dataset with the following tables:
    • Dimension tables
      • Organisation – your Xero organisation defaults, such as year-end month etc.
      • Currencies
      • Customers
      • Dates – a ready-to-go dates table set to your financial year
      • Accounts – your GL accounts and their reporting hierarchy
      • Items – your stock information
      • Suppliers
      • Tracking Categories
    • Transaction (“Fact”) tables
      • SalesInvoices – a table of your sales invoices and their line items
      • PurchaseOrders – a table of your purchase orders and their line items
      • Receivables & Payables
      • Transactions – a table of all of your posted financial transactions and their line items
  • A collection of measures tables with pre-built measures for your reports
  • You receive a free basic template when you register for a free trial of Accounting Insights for Xero. This includes the above tables and sample report pages covering:
    • Sales
    • Receivables
    • Item Sales
    • Purchase Orders
    • Profit & Loss
  • Additional premium templates are available for:
    • Advanced Profit & Loss
    • Balance Sheet
    • Receivables & Collections


The costs of Insights for Sage 50 Accounts are as follows:

  • Connector subscription – from £600/year per company (multi-company discounts apply)
  • One-time template fee – from £600


Customization Services
90 Per Hour
  • Bank of work hours
  • Post paid ad-hoc work
  • Fixed price, based on scope of work

Reports example pages

Power BI Profit and Loss Example
Example Profit & Loss Report page
Accounts Receivable Template Page 1
Example Receivables Report page