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Connect your accounting software to Power BI and gain valuable insights.

The Accounting Insights connector runs alongside your accounting software system and maintains a SQLite database of your accounting data, which you can add as a data source to your Power BI reports. The connector enables:

  • Automation of your Power BI reports. The connector acts as a user in your accounting system and extracts the data into an external database that Power BI can interrogate.  It allows you to schedule up to eight daily, automated report refreshes by the Power BI service, without you having to log in and manually connect to your data.
  • Easy access to your accounts data from Excel and other business intelligence solutions. Just as the Accounting Insights connector enables connectivity from your accounting data to Power BI, it also allows access from Excel, Tableau and other reporting solutions.
  • Multi-company reporting. If you have many companies set up, you may want to pull many of these companies’ data into Power BI.  The Accounting Insights connector enables you to connect to multiple companies. To facilitate multi-company reporting, it adds a unique company key column to each table. It also reads all of the company-specific settings such as the financial year and chart of accounts.
  • Exclusion of old data.  If your accounting system contains data going back many years, you typically don’t want to analyse very old data in Power BI.  The Accounting Insights connector maintains a database of the last 25 months’ transactions (the current month and previous 24 months), plus the “Outstanding” older transactions and any future transactions.  This gives you a complete dataset to report this year vs last year, without being clogging up your system.
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Sage 50 Power BI
Power BI

Sage 50 Connector

The Sage 50 Power BI Connector from Accounting Insights makes it easy to establish, maintain and automate a Sage 50 Power BI connection.


Supports reporting based on the current and previous year without loading older transactions.


Can support automated, scheduled Power BI report refreshes up to eight times per day.

Multi-company reporting

Track, compare and consolidate all of your Sage 50 Accounts companies in the same Power BI Report.

Quick & easy Excel

Quick and easy access to your Sage 50 Accounts data from Excel, and other business intelligence solutions.

Power BI

Xero Connector

“Insights for Xero is a reporting solution that enables you to produce engaging Xero reports for multiple companies in Microsoft Power BI.


Fully automated business intelligence reporting from Xero, using Microsoft Power BI.


Deep drill-down from Xero dashboard to a transaction line item in reports.


Create detailed Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Accounts Receivable and other reports.

Fast Start

A fast start to your reporting project with pre-built Power BI Desktop templates for Xero Accounts.

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